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17814, Murphy Parkway Lathrop, CA 95330. United States.

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Welcome to Shadow Cargo Inc.

The story behind the name. One night the company owners were trying to decide what to name their new company. It had to be something different. Everyone uses their last name in some form or another, how would we stand out amongst the crowd? Then it hit us, let 's name it after the baby of the family, the one who brings us so much joy and happiness, our best friend. That's how Shadow Cargo Inc came into existence.

  • 24/7 Business Support
  • Secure Transportation
  • Serving the West Coast
  • Hook and drop lanes I-5
  • Local and long haul
  • From Stockton, CA to the Northwest
  • From the Northwest back down to LA
  • There's no place the shadow hasn't served!

CALL US : 1 (209) 399 2214

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